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Click here for some interviews and texts on tippler breeding!

Click here for some interviews and texts on tippler breeding!

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Pogledajte stare slike iz NTU-a

Tipplers, Flying Tipplers (Orginal breed Harry Shannon) - Tomica Fajdetic, OTOCAC

*Tippler flying- Flugtippler - Pigeons * New!- photo gallery!

Zeljko Fajdetic , Ul. Glagoljasa 46, 51 260 CRIKVENICA

HRVATSKA - EUROPA Tel. **385 (0)51 242-060 Fax **385 (0)51 242-060

zeljko.fajdetic@ri.t-com.hrPogledaj tiplere uzgojene od Shannona kod Tomice Fajdetic

my name is Zeljko Fajdetic

These pages are dedicatedto all Tippler-sport fans, and popularization of HTS.

My hobby is Flying Tippler pigeons breeding:

I started with English Tippler breeding 1978. I purchased my firstTiplers from Savo Maksimovic, Marijan Ugarkovic and Bodo Arsenovic. Allfrom Zemun. In 1981 I imported 3 cocks (2 blue DFU 1874/76, 28/81, 1 blackDFU 915/80) and 3 hens (blue Schumann DFU 1873/81, silver DFU 99/77, Sommer,black Spitz DFU 156/81 Schuller) from Alfred Lieman.
Z.Fajdetic, B.Franic and H.Shannon...    Click with mouse to enlarge picture!
These pigeons are held in three lofts byme and my two brothers (Zdravko, chairman of Privredna banka Zagreb, Tomica,chief of Privredna Banka Zagreb business unit, and Zeljko, head of accountingdepartment in chief Finance and Kontroling all educated citizens). In 1998.and 2000. Iimported pigeons of pure Mike Camplin (Wolverhampton), Paul Bowden (Swindon), Jim McDonald (Dudley) and Harry Shannon (Lisburn),Flying Tippler; 6077/96 NTU blue cock Camplin (Boden breed), Camplin 6034/95 NTU grey cock, Camplin 6023/96NTU bluebadge hen, Camplin hen blue 3982/94 NTU and Tippler Flying of pure Jim McDonald (Birmingham-Dudley), silver cock 19,00 h fly No 1133/95 NTU and 00642/97 NTU blue hen, and grizlli Hen 6621/00 NTU orginal Paul Bowden, with some goodresults.
Also in 1998. and 2000. my friend Petrinovic imported from Harry Shannon(Belfast, Ireland) 6 pairs of tiplers. Imported 2000. jear two pairs of pure Harry Shannon - Belfast Nord Ireland, Cock blue 2220/96 NTU fly 19,15 h and Hen grizzli 10406/94 NTU fly 20,07 h, Cock blue 0005/97 NTU, Hen silver 2390/00 NTU Blue badge Cock 255/92 NTU fly 20,15 h(Les Curry - Shannon breed).
Lofts of Harry Shannona - Lisburn 12/2000.g Click to enlarge picture!
I went to England for a second time because my mind wouldn?t give me peace, there was always something missing in growing and breeding the pigeons.I went to Paris by bus, then with a car of Sasa Petrovic through La Manche (Calais ? Dover) to England, through London to Birmingham. I went to Mr. McDonald, Mr. Bowden and Mr. Anslow in Birmingham ( Dudley , Swindon and Tipton ) and to Mr. Camplin in Wolvelhampton.Mr. McDonald drove me to Mr. Verly Mignotta in Nottingham. He is a good flyer, he has 5 results over 20 hours, so that I was pigging two days over England.
I went to Mr. Paul Bowden and I took Cock blue 6618/00 NTU so I have complete pair of his pigeons which are the clean line of Jack Boden.Later I went and I took blue Cock 3130/01 NTU flyer from Mike Camplin (19,06 hours), then I took from Eric Anslow who holds English record of 21,21 hours, three tiplers which Mr. McDonald bought on auction from Mr. Anslow so that he doesn?t keep tiplers any more, MY BREEDERS( light grey Cock 4664/02 NTU and Hen white grizli 4668/02 NTU) that are head pigeons and one flow 19,40 hours white grizli badge Cock 05947/97 NTU).
Breeding lofts of Harry Shannona - Lisburn 12/2000.g Click to enlarge picture!
From Mr. Verly Mignotta I took silber Hen 05035/99 NTU which flow 19,10 hours DQ from McDonald breed, clean Boden line.I took one blue badge flyer 4402/02 NTU flow 17,40 h like young and 18,20 hours DQ, I could choose from five Cock brothers and it was a gift because he saw that I buy his pigeons from Mr. Mignott. He decided to give me something that you can?t buy because that pigeon was an excellent night flyer. He said because that there was no predator that it will make a good result with his four brothers this year, over 19 hours.I brought from England five male and two female pigeons in my loft where I already have four female and two male NTU.In my conversation with English breeders I learned a lot, but there was a lot in books too. Night work and night flight are the most important thing. The best tiplers are that which do a light fly over 18 hours, and from 19 to 21 hours.
You have to do a lot of work in night, many things must come to order to make a result, but most important is work, work, only work.You have to have the birds with recommended loft, because the best pigeons are which fathers flow over 30 years about 20 hours with good and regular work.Mr. McDonald told me that if English breeders could do it then Croatian can do it too. They have better nights so their tiplers can fly till one or two hours after midnight.
 Harry Shannona - bird's ... Click to enlarge picture!
My tiplers fly from mediumto high altitudes, in a narrow formation (sometimes a bit wider) whichdepends on weather and diet, but always interesting and nice. They tendto make formation quickly. In the early phase of training I have to restraintheir wings. I use droper with light (sometimes I use a bell). As a resultI have really low first flightTwo silber hen and one blue hen ... flying kit.
 Click with mouse to enlarge picture!losses. In my experience fourth or fifth flight is critical because tiplerstend to fly longer than they normally would (cca. 6 to 7h), but I alwaysprevent it letting them fly no longer than 5h. I think it is counterproductiveto let them fly longer. I keep them on pretty heavy diet, avoiding barleyallowing their muscle structure to develop. It is a known fact that hawks carry tiplers easier than pigeons and heavier fed flying kits. But I don'thave as much problems with them as my friends in Otocac. I am a memberof Croatian Tipler Association (HTS, formerly HTU). I moved in Crikvenicain 1994, and since then I have better results, more competition flightsand most significantly a clearer sky, which is, in this sport as importantas good tiplers.
Ibelieve this will interest you:
Breeding part of my Loft...   Click with mouse to enlarge picture!Zeljko Fajdetic There Hen's F-1 gen. pigeons of P. Bowden, M. Camplin and  J. McDonald. Click with mouse to enlarge picture! Zeljko Fajdetic and Paul Bowden ...
   Click with mouse to enlarge picture!
Glagoljasa 46
Tel. 051/242 060 fax. 051/241 395 Mob. 00385 (0)981768159
Sport breeding Flying Tippler '78 year.
My visit to Mr. Camplin in Wolverhampton, he owens flyers who flow above 20 hours.   Click with mouse to enlarge picture!
My visit to Mr. Jim McDonald and Paul Bowden, they owens flyers who flow above 20 hours.
My visit to Mr. Camplin in Wolverhampton, he owens flyers who flow above 20 hours.

Birmingham (Dudley and Swindon) 21/22.03.2003.g.
My visit to Mr. Jim McDonald and Paul Bowden, they owens flyers who flow above 20 hours.
Kenn Potts - Birmingham!  Click with mouse to enlarge picture!
...   Click with mouse to enlarge picture!
Kenn Potts - Birmingham!
Anton Petrinovic, Harry Shannon, Jim O'Hara, Martin McManus i Boby Dunseith - N.Ireland
Visit to Petrinovic by brothers Fajdetic in Reutlingen!   Click with mouse to enlarge picture!
KUP fly at Bunoza in Orahovici!  Click with mouse to enlarge picture!
Visit to Petrinovic by brothers Fajdetic in Reutlingen!
KUP fly 30.05.2004. at Bunoza in Orahovici!
I always train my Tiplers in the early evening following the establishedtraining scheme (every third day 3-5 hours training flight,in 90 days,15 training flights, let last two flights last a bit longer). Tiplers alwayshave grit,vitamins in water and special tee to realax them after trainingflight. I have big faith in vitamins aminoacids,electroliti and strongly believe insuccess. I would be glad to share all the details i know,that i got from internet, different kinds of bulletins and literature viamail, e-mail and telephone. Feel free to contact me with your suggestions,problems and results in Tippler-sport. .

Flying Tippler - Crikvenica - Fajdetic Zeljko!!!

Flying Tippler - Crikvenica - Fajdetic Zeljko!!!


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